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Cosmic magnetic fields
Katia Ferrière

le 11 oct 2019 de 11h00 à 13h00

Cosmic magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are ubiquitous in the Universe. Most celestial bodies, from planets to stars to galaxies, appear to be magnetized. Even intergalactic space could be threaded by a magnetic field.
Cosmic magnetic fields generally play an important role. They affect the structure of stars and galaxies, govern their internal turbulence, control star formation inside galaxies... They are also responsible for spectacular phenomena, such as polar aurorae, solar flares, galactic jets...
I will start by describing the observational properties of magnetic fields of planets, stars and galaxies. I will then discuss the thorny question of their origin.


Responsables de la formation

Natalie WEBB, Astronome-adjoint OMP

David MIMOUN, Professeur ISAE