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The teaching during the first semester is essentially a series of lectures totalling almost 300 h, although some practical classes are also included. There is a common core of classes for all students and then a set of 7 options, of which the student can choose 3. This choice should be made in the first week of the academic year. Most of the lectures are given at the ISAE. Below you will find the courses and the lecturers as well as the number of hours for each course.

UE : EISUA3AM - Physics and astrophysics (15 ECTS)

  • EISUA3C1 –  Radiative processes and radiative transfer (F. Paletou, L. Tibaldo) - 20h
  • EISUA3D1 –  Gravitation (B. Lamine) - 20 h
  • EISUA3D2 – Fluid dynamics (M. Rieutord) - 20 h
  • EISUA3D3 – Space plasma physics (G. Fruit, V. Genot) - 20h
  • EISUA3E1 –  Formation and evolution of planetary systems (C. Baruteau, G. Quitté, J. Lasue) 20 h
  • EISUA3E2 – Stellar physics (F. Paletou, L. Jouve) 20 h
  • EISUA3E3 – Extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology (G. Soucail, F. Boone, A. Blanchard) 20h

UE : EISUA3BN - Space technology and numerical simulation (6 ECTS)

  • EISUA3A1 –  Instrumentation for astrophysics (P. von Ballmoos, F. Boone) - 20h
  • EISUA3A2 –  Tools for reducing data (H. Carfantan) - 6h
  • EISUA3B1 – Space dynamics (D. Mimoun) - 12h
  • EISUA3B2 – Engineering systems (C. Benassy Foch) - 12h

UE : EISUA3FM - options : choose 3 of the modules from the list - 15h for each module (6 ECTS)

  • EISUA3F1 – Interactions of planets with their environment (V. Genot)
  • EISUA3F2 – The interstellar medium and stellar formation (C. Vastel, M. Rieutord)
  • EISUA3F3 - Compact objects and accretion (O. Godet, M. Coriat)
  • EISUA3F4 – Stellar and planetary sismology (S. Deheuvels)
  • EISUA3F6 – Cosmology and galaxy physics (A. Blanchard, G. Soucail, F. Boone)
  • EISTT3L1 – Planetary surfaces and global cycles (P.-Y. Meslin, G. Berger, C. Monnin, S. Fabre)
  • EISTT3L2 – Evolution of telluric planets (S. Chevrel, S. Fabre, M. Toplis)

UE : EISUA4BM - Numerical simulations (3 ECTS)

  • EISUA4C2 – Numerical simulations and data processing (H. Carfantan, L. Jouve, D. Marshall) - 30h

UE : EISUA3VM - Scientific English (3 ECTS)

  • EISUA3L1 – Scientific English (N. Webb) - 24 h
From February to mid-June each student will carry out an internship in a research laboratory.

A week observing in the astronomical observatory at the Pic du Midi will take place before the 5 month internship.


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The library is at the OMP. Their are books aimed at masters students, as well as PhD students and other researchers. There are more than 230 books available in the domains of Oceanography, Atmospheric physics and Environmental studies (OAE), Astrophysics, Space Science and Planetology (ASEP) and Earth Sciences/environmental studies (STE). Books can be borrowed for one week and you will need to become a library member to borrow the books.

Books oriented towards the contents of the M2 ASEP

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